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Menna Abdelhamid, an Interior Designer and the Founder of Menna Interiors, brings a unique blend of technical precision and artistic flair to the world of design. With a degree in Agricultural Mechanical Engineering from Egypt and an Interior Design diploma from Canada, Victoria BC, Menna has amassed 7 years of diverse experience in the field. Her role at Menna Interiors encompasses a wide range of design services, spanning residential and commercial spaces, renovations, home staging, home décor, color consultation, and 3D renderings. Specializing in both interior and exterior design, Menna’s work reflects versatility and a keen eye for detail. Her passion lies in client satisfaction, fueled by creativity, a commitment to ongoing learning, and a dedication to staying abreast of global design trends. Menna is currently continuing her Interior Design Bachelor’s degree while actively working, combining technical expertise with a commitment to continuous education.

Her mission is to enhance the quality of life for her clients, creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functional and tailored to their unique needs. With a background in Agricultural Mechanical Engineering and the ongoing pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, Menna combines technical expertise with a commitment to continuous education. Her personalized design approach, use of innovative technology, and cross-cultural expertise set her apart in the industry. Beyond design, Menna finds joy in traveling, family time, art, and reading. Looking ahead, she envisions expanding her design firm internationally, incorporating smart and sustainable design practices, and actively contributing to education and professional development in the field.

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